Sunday, 4 December 2011

My recent purchases

'Tis the season to think about buying things for other people, but...

Here are some things I've bought for myself recently. :)

* Plants vs Zombies soundtrack

I really like this soundtrack, I'm glad it's available to buy and download (with no DRM, hooray!). I've played through the whole game on PC and on Xbox 360, it's one of the few "defense" games I like, and I really like it. The music is really cute and easy to listen to on a loop forever without getting boring!

* Shatter soundtrack

I really like this soundtrack too. But, um...... I started this game on PS3 then played it on PC (because the PC version was going really cheap). It's breakout / Arkanoid with different shaped levels and a "suck" and "blow" function. Never finished it on either platform, but I like the soundtrack a lot. :)

Over the last weekend in November - which is a time for big sales in America, the weather was awful so I stayed in and bought myself lots of games in the sales.

PC games on Steam:

- Alien Zombie Megadeath
- Ion Assault
- Runespell: Overture
- Astro Tripper
- Tobe's Vertical Adventure
- Star Ruler
- The Witcher: Enhanced Edition + Director's Cut DLC
- Gundemonium Recollection
- Hitogata Happa
- GundeadliGne
- Demolition, Inc.
- Dungeons of Dredmor

Another PC independantly:

* a 2D platform "Metroidvania" style game called Celestial Mechanica which was going especially cheap (1 US dollar).

A preorder for a bundle of games:

Indie Royale Really Big Bundle

(which ended up containing some games I already owned but it was cheap enough - about £3 - and ended up containing a lot of free soundtracks for the games, so I didn't mind)

And downloadable games on Xbox 360 Live Arcade:

* Stacking (it was half price at 600 points, it's a game by Doublefine so I expect it to be charming and/or funny)


* Beyond Good and Evil HD (it was down to 240 points)

...I've hardly made a dent in playing these games!

The only one I regret out of all these is "The Witcher", and that is not down to the game, but because Steam is an annoying system that won't let me install my games wherever I want - and there isn't enough room on my SSD to install all 15GB of it, so I can't play it unless I reinstall Steam somewhere else or buy a bigger hard drive or something. :/